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SUSTAINABLE FUTURE IN AFRICA                                                                                                                               208                                                                                                                                      
Zineb BAMOUSSE             
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Badrane, N., Bamousse, Z. (2023). Chapter 7 Green Finance and Cash Management: An Innovative Alliance for a Prosperous and Sustainable Future in Africa. In B. L. Salvador Bizotto (Ed.), Academic Research & Reviews in Social, Human, and Administrative Sciences-III- (pp. 208-227). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

In a continent of vast potential and multiple challenges, green finance is gradually emerging as a vector for transformative change in the activities of treasurers, paving the way for more responsible cash management in which the financial performance of African companies is harmoniously combined with the achievement of sustainable development objectives. Africa is a fast-growing continent witnessing rapid changes in the financial and economic environment. Currency volatility, price fluctuations, inflationary pressures, fierce competition, limited access to capital markets, climate change and environmental challenges are all obstacles facing African businesses and nations. In response to these complexities, green finance is emerging as an innovative tool that could revolutionise cash managers' activities.

In fact, cash management, previously perceived as a simple activity focused on liquidity and risk management, is now being entrusted with a new responsibility: integrating green finance practices in order to merge traditional financial objectives with a sustainable development perspective. In this respect, a wide range of tools such as green bonds, sustainable investments, environmental impact loans, etc. create a virtuous circle where financial performance of companies is aligned with the economic prosperity of nations, paving the way for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. In light of the above, the present study is of key importance, since it aims to enrich the debate on the contribution of green finance to optimising cash management. The aim of this chapter is therefore to provide an answer to the following question: How can the integration of innovative green finance practices into the cash management simultaneously boost corporate financial performance while positively reshaping the economic and social future of nations in Africa?

The great merit of the following study is to be the first of its kind to address the contribution of green finance at the heart of corporate cash management in stimulating financial performance and accelerating sustainable goals. Therefore, in order to emphasis this contribution the present chapter is divided into four sections. The first recalls the concept of cash management and green finance and sets out the methodological approach adopted. The second section discusses the
explanatory power of the theories that can help explain the subject under study. The third section highlights the results obtained and the ensuing discussion. Finally, the last section reviews the managerial, academic and socio-economic contributions, stressing the limits and perspectives for further research.

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