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CHAPTER 4-  INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE'S HUMANITARIAN STRATEGY THROUGH WOMEN PROTECTION AND EMPOWERMENT IN YEMEN CONFLICT 2019 – 2020                                                                                            85                                                                                
Novriest Umbu WALANGARA NAU 
Joan Anindya WARDHANI 
Nathania Yunita DHARMA
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Walangara Nau, N.U., Wardhani, J. A., Dharma, N. Y. (2023). Chapter 4 International Rescue Committee's Humanitarian Strategy Through Women Protection And Empowerment in Yemen Conflict 2019 – 2020. In R. A. H. Chirinos de Jesus (Ed.), International Academic Research & Reviews in Educational Sciences-II- (pp. 85-108). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a prominent humanitarian organization that operates in conflict zones and areas affected by crises worldwide. Their approach to women's protection and education typically involves a comprehensive and integrated strategy. Below are some key components of IRC's humanitarian strategy through women protection and education:

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