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CHAPTER 5- FASHION AND THE ENVIRONMENT: RECYCLING OF UMBRELLA AND CARDBOARD BOXES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF GENDERLESS FASHION PRODUCTS                                                                                           103                                                                                                                                                                         

Nara Pereira da Costa DANTAS

Thaiane Raissa Albino da SILVA

Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros DANTAS

Assoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva SOLINO

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Dantas, N.P.C., Silva, T.R.A., Dantas, Í.J.M., Solino, L.J.S. (2023). Chapter 5 Fashion And The Environment: Recycling Of Umbrella And Cardboard Boxes In The Development Of Genderless Fashion Products. In Í. M. Dantas (Ed.), Art, Design, Communication and Fashion:  An Interdisciplinary Approach (pp. 103-111). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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It is increasingly urgent to discuss the role of fashion in creating more sustainable production processes and more conscious consumption. Therefore, this paper proposes the development of a fashion product from cardboard packages/boxes and umbrellas. The methodology is experimental research based on product development research tests. The piece chosen was a jacket inspired by the oversized style to be used by men and women aged between 15 and 50 years. The product’s primary functions are waterproofness, allowing it to be used in rainy seasons. Nevertheless, we could also see thermal comfort during hot days and reflective strips that give the person using it greater visibility. The product proved to be satisfactory, reaching the desired aesthetic, functional, and technical aspects, showing that it is possible to create a garment by reusing cardboard boxes and umbrellas. An analysis that could be done was that after making the piece, it was noticed that the material of the cardboard packages needed to go through a process to give it more resistance.

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