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CHAPTER 5-  THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION AND LABOR MARKET OUTCOMES                                                                                                                                                                            109                                                                               
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Gumus, G. (2023). Chapter 5 The Relationship Between Vocational High School Education And Labor Market Outcomes. In R. A. H. Chirinos de Jesus (Ed.), International Academic Research & Reviews in Educational Sciences-II- (pp. 109-122). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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One of the priority areas in strengthening the education-employment relationship is vocational high school education. It is often emphasized by public institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, and the business world that vocational high school education should be disseminated and its quality should be raised and individuals who have received and received applied basic education related to their professions should be raised (Torun, 2016).
There is a strong correlation between vocational high school education and labour market outcomes. Vocational high school education is a type of education that aims to provide students with specialization and technical skills in a particular profession. Labor market outcomes are the labor force participation of educated individuals and their performance in the business world.

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