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CHAPTER 9- PERSONAL FINANCE: A STUDY ON THE FINANCIAL BEHAVIOR OF INDIVIDUALS                                    241                                                                                                                                                                   
Luiza Bernardi PROVENSI
Rosecler Maschio GILIOLI
Laura Maschio GILIOLI
Maria Emilia CAMARGO
Angela Pelegrin ANSUJ           
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Provensi, L. B., Gilioli, R. M., Gilioli, L. M., Camargo, M. E., Ansuj, A. P. (2023). Chapter 9 Personal Finance: A Study on the Financial Behavior of Individuals. In B. L. Salvador Bizotto (Ed.), Academic Research & Reviews in Social, Human, and Administrative Sciences-III- (pp. 241-258). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

This study was carried out with the aim of studying how people manage their personal finances and what practices/tools they use to help control their spending. According to Menasce, "a personal finance plan is the mapping out of all the steps to achieve a goal. With it, you can sort and organize your money to be more productive. This way, you can avoid debt and get closer to your personal goals." (Menasce, 2021, p.1). Combined with this, "personal financial planning aims to help people balance their income. It allows you to control your spending and set financial goals. And they can be short, medium or long term" (Siqueira, 2021, p.1).

A theoretical framework is presented, which is fundamental to understanding the topic and is organized as follows: employment in Brazil, average monthly income of Brazilians, concepts of personal finance, personal financial management, actors/influencers that compromise people's financial peace of mind and practices/tools used to help control personal spending and financial independence. The specific objectives of this study are: to survey the practices used by people in their finances; to identify the main factors/influencers that compromise people's financial peace of mind; to present practices/tools that can help control spending; to create recommendations for people on the importance of personal financial planning and organization, as well as practices that can help control spending.

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