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CHAPTER 2- TEACHERS’ KNOWLEDGE OF EMOTIONAL EDUCATION                                    63
Ramón Antonio Hernández Chirinos de JESUS
Francisco das Chagas Silva de JESUS HERNÁNDEZ
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Jesus, R.A.H.C. & Jesus Hernandez, F.C.S. (2023). Chapter 2 Teachers' Knowledge of Emotional Education. In D. H. Dukova & M. Mastrantonio (Ed.), International Academic Research & Reviews in Educational Sciences - I - (pp. 63-83). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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IntroductionIt stems from the idea that emotional education aims to develop the skills necessary for conscious awareness and emotional understanding. The concept of emotional awareness refers to the opening that people give themselves in terms of self-awareness and self-perception. This includes being able to physically recognize the presence of emotions in
their bodies, name the emotions they experience, and distinguish between the various emotions that make up the human emotional spectrum. In addition to these aspects, emotional awareness is linked to the consistency between the actions of perceiving, thinking, and acting, with the ability to make the most of a person's ability to channel their
emotions into behavior.
In the area of emotional education, this is learning to recognize and appropriately name our emotions. In this situation, having an emotional understanding greatly enhances a person's ability to develop an emotional education that is a natural part of human beings and is connected to the experiences and emotional experiences that each subject can share,
leading to an understanding of the experiences with other people with whom interpersonal exchanges are established. In light of the briefly presented concept, it is apparent the complexity that underlies the conduct of the integration of an emotional education into the formative attitudes of the human being. Even more challenging is to consider how this area of education may be active beginning at a young age.

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