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Many people are fascinated by the colorful box called “television” and want to be in that world, or they get caught up in the effects of the sounds they hear from the radio, the charm of the microphone, and they are interested in the profession of announcer-presenter.

In recent years, the interest in these professions has increased and the courses that provide training in this field have increased. So, what is the content of the Announcer-Present trainings?


Definition of Announcer-Present Profession
Differences and Features
Questioning and Answering Techniques
Microphone Usage Techniques
News/ Text Reading from Prompter Device
5W1K Rule
Text Evaluation and Commentary
Using Body Language on the Screen
Interview Techniques
Weather Presenter
Discussion Program Host
Music-Entertainment Program Host
Hosted Program Host
Director-Announcer Presenter Relationship
Radio Program Presenter
Protocol Server

Note: It is necessary to take Diction Training in order to participate in the Presenter-Present Training.

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