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1. International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainability in Music, Art, Textile and Fashion

(ICESMATF 2023) January, 26-27 Madrid, Spain


Editor Assoc. Prof. Shajara Ul DURAR

ISBN: 978-625-8284-27-0

Publishing Date: 28.01.2023

All rights of this book belong to Global Academy Publishing House.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, retrieved system, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the Global Academy Publishing House. Norbe otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover.

©Copyright January, 2023

Certificate No: 64419

Publisher: Global Academy Publishing House

The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors. All papers published in this abstract book have been peer reviewed.

1-Italo Jose de Medeiros Dantas, Gideão Lucas Estevão de Figueiredo, Livia Juliana Silva Solino de Souza, Anyelle Cristina Silva de Lima, Isa Karen Fernandes de Araujo, Joana Darc Bezerra de Brito, Joseildo De Araujo Aureliano and Maria Helena Santos e Silva, ELDERLY FASHION CONSUMPTION PROFILE: EVIDENCE FROM BRAZIL, BRAZIL 1-2

2-Doctoral Student Kıymet Dirican- Analysis of the Miniature Arts with the Abstract Objective Dynamism of Turkish Painting, Which is a Historical Document 3



5-Assist. Prof. A. Aslı İlleez-Minimization of Setup Times for Production Lines in GarmentManufacturing for Sustainability 10

6-Assist. Prof. A. Aslı İlleez-Performance Measurement Methods of Ready-To-Wear Production Lines 11

7-Assist. Prof. Cláudia Pedro, Santos-Sustainable Design Products in Portugal 12

8-Dr. Zafer Demir-Geçmişi Geleceğe Bağlayan Bir Sanat Olarak Müzik-The Art Connecting the Past to the Future, Music 13-14

9-Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas, Alice Jennifer de Santana, Jéssica Cristiane de Medeiros Souza Marcos Daniel da Silva Oliveira, Rafaela Patrícia de Araújo, Thalita Mikaela Lucena de Oliveira, Assoc. Prof. Poincyana Sonaly Bessa de Holanda-The Context of Use and Meaning of Colors in Handbags 15

10-Emanuelle Vito Guedes de Oliveiral, Izabela Adriana Eloi da Silva Santos, Assoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva Solino, Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas-Fashion Product Development Using Cap Waste: A Study Focused on Impacting Sustainability in Brazil 16

11-Floriano Laudomir Campos de LunaPotiguar University, Brazil-Assoc. Prof. Poincyana Sonaly Bessa de Holanda,Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas-Fashion Collection Proposal for Men with Dwarfism 17-18

12-Prof.Dr. Anna Melnikova-Service-Learning as a Practical Introduction of Undergraduate Pedagogues to the community 19

13-Olga Ipatova-Sui Generis Systems of Protection for Design: Cumulation, Partial Cumulation and Demarcation of Legal Regimes 20-21

14-João Maria Bezerra Júnior, Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas, Assoc. Prof. Juan dos Santos Silva, Assoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva Solino de Souza-Clothing as an Element to Enhance Visual Identity in Pop Culture: An Analysis from the “Art Pop” Album 22-23

15-Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas,Bárbara de Oliveira Freira, Ellen Lus Almeida de Medeiros-Ianny Aparecida Medeiros dos Santos, Iasmin Loíse Costa Garcia,Lara Juliane Cardoso Santiago,Tainara Talia Soares da Silva,Assoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva Solino de Souza-The Interaction and Acceptability of Potential Fashion Consumers in the use of Virtual Reality for Fashion Shows: A Study with Generation Z 24-25

16-Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas,Iara Sofia Silva Dantas,Íris de Faria Mariz,Karen Cristina Andrade de Araújo,Maria Helene Dutra de Medeiros,Sarah Marta da Nóbrega Medeiros,Yslla Jhanny De Medeiros CavalcanteAssoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva Solino de Souza-The Role of Digital Influencers in Fashion Consumption in Brazil 26-27

17-Prof.Dr. Ziynet Öndoğan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Kurtoğlu Necef, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ece Nüket Öndoğan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Arzu Şen Kılıç-PLM Applications in The Sustainable Design Process 28

18-Lecturer Gülseren Haylamaz,Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Kurtoğlu Necef, Prof. Dr. Ziynet Öndoğan, Assoc. Prof. Serkan Boz-Reuse of Waste Clothes with Eco Print Method 29

19-Prof.Dr. Ziynet Öndoğan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Arzu Şen Kılıç, MA Student Seray Akın-Quilt Design with Traditional Production within The Scope of Cultural Sustainability 30


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