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1st International Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology Congress ABSTRACT BOOK

1st International Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology Congress (ICSITY 2022) ABSTRACT BOOK


Prof. Dr. Sehl MELLOULI

Dr. Muhammed BEYATLI

Dr. Enkeleda LULAJ

ISBN: 978-625-8284-22-5

Publishing Date: 03.10.2022

All rights of this book belong to Global Academy Publishing House. No part of this publication

may be reproduced, stored, retrieved system, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means,

without the written permission of the Global Academy Publishing House. Norbe otherwise

circulated in any form of binding or cover.

©Copyright October, 2022

Certificate No: 64419

Global Academy Publishing House

The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors. All papers

published in this abstract book have been peer reviewed.

1st International Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology Congress (ICSITY 2022) ABSTRACT BOOK

Prof. Dr. Sehl MELLOULI AI for Governments: Case Studies i

Dr. Ahmed M. FAKHRUDEEN Towards Realization of Spectrum Sharing of Cognitive Radio Networks ii

Lilly R., Jayasurya R., B. Charith, Anoop LIGY George & Sandeep Kumar GUPTA Estimation of Water Levels in Three Different Phases of Underground Tunnel Construction 1

Divyaranjani RAMADOSS, Dr. Sandeep Kumar GUPTA & Rishith VISHAL An Analysis on Ship Routing and Scheduling Problems in Liner Shipping 2

Chikezie Kennedy KALU, Prof. Baozhen DAI, Olani Bekele SAKILU & Simeon EBHOTA Novel Hybrid-Relay Cooperative Communications Technique for Agriculture 3-4

ENGR Shamsher KHAN, S.KHAN, Tanzeela SAIJAD, Sanaullah Minimization of Waste in Printing Sector of Pharmaceutical Industry Using Lean Manufacturing 5

Hikmat HASANOV & Ismayil ZEYNALOV The use of Satellite data in the Detection of Radioactive Fallout on the Territory of Azerbaijan 6

Volkan KAYA & Ismail AKGUL Recognition and Classification of Vegetable Types in Agricultural Areas Using the Mobilenet Model Structure 7

Hamdi AYKAS & Irem DUZDAR ARGUN Düzce Province Electricity Energy Demand Forecast 8 Nurgül AYKAS & Irem DUZDAR ARGUN Düzce Province Natural Gas Demand Forecast 9 Ertugrul DOGANSAHIN, Eser SERT & Muhammed YILDIRIM Sulfur Analysis in Apricot with Deep 10

Ömer Galip PINAR Yerel Yönetimlerde Elektronik İhale (E-İhale) Süreçleri ve Yapı Bilgi Modellemesi (Bim) Entegrasyonu 11

Kevser SAHINBAS Customer Segmentation with Data from Various Markets Using K-Means Clustering 12

Megat Al Imran YASIN, Wendy JITOS &Yusuf DURACHMAN The Application of My Sejahtera in Decision Making by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia in the Battle Against Covid19 Pandemic 13

Mehmet KARAKOC The Importance of Discrete Mathematics Topics in the Education and Teaching of Computer Science and Engineering 14


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