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3st International Congress on Social Sciences, Innovation and Educational Technologies PROCEEDINGS


3 st International Congress on Social Sciences, Innovation and Educational




Dr. Enkeleda LULAJ

Dr. Muzammel SHAH

ISBN: 978-625-8284-20-1

Publishing Date: 10.09.2022

All rights of this book belong to Global Academy Publishing House. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, retrieved system, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the Global Academy Publishing House.

Norbe otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover.

©Copyright September, 2022

Certificate No: 64419

Global Academy Publishing House The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors. All papers published in this proceedings book have been peer reviewed.

Lian Junxiang Utilization of Duolingo as A Supplementary Formative Assessment Tool in Primary Year 5 English Class 1-30

Duong Anh Son, Tran Vang-Phu & Luu Hoang Dzung Situation and Solutions to Improve Agricultural Export Quality in Vietnam 31-43

Shilpi Sharma & Rana Majumdar Personalized learning using Artificial Intelligence 44-51

Esra S. Döngül Can Robots Become Managers? A glimpse into the Evolution of Robotics 52-62

Pham Yen Nhi Social Housing Policy in Vietnam: Analysis and Suggestions 63-73

Monica Mastrantonio, Raveenthiran Vivekanantharasa Raveenthiran Vivekanantharasa Lidia Martinez Diversity in Daily Living – an international survey for individual practices 74-86

Marco I. Bonelli The relationship between multi-nationality and performance in US large capitalization multinational companies 87-118

Assist. Prof. Mr. Sagar Bhatt Social Media: Marketing Approaches in Hotel & Restaurant Management in India 119-128

Md. Harun Rashid & Wei Li The importance of vocabulary in teaching and learning in applied linguistics 129-142

Dr. Velankanni Alex- Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere A Constructivist Approach to the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary School 143-153

Putri Hergianasari, Rizki Amalia Yanuartha, Mr. Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere Digital Transformation Shapes Post-CovidGeopolitics 154-167

Mr. S. Arunkumar & Jipson Joseph Minimisation of logistical risks with blockchain 168-172

H.G. Hasanov, I.M. Zeynalov The Role of Meteorological and Geographic Specifications in Formation of Radioactive Precautions 173-180

Javiera Rosell, Feridun Kaya & Alvaro Vergés Ageism among Turkish Adults: Predictive Role of Some Personal and Emotional Factors 181-206

Eze Benneth Female Employees’ Commitment and Nigerian Deposit Money Banks’ Performance 207-241

Prince Verma Assessing the scope of Pro - Poor Tourism in India: A community -based approach for Poverty Alleviation 242-251

Dr. Velankanni Alex, Dr. Ferdin Joe John Joseph, Mr. Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere Information Technology and its Effect on Mathematics Student’s Academic Motivation 252-262

Ajeet Jaiswal COVID 19: Digital Technologies Vs Socio Technological in the Fight Against 263-277

Quyen Le Thi To, Duyen Nguyen Thi My, Dung Phuong Le Sustainable Tourism Development in Sam Mountain, Chau Doc City, Vietnam 278-305

Dr. Ijaz Yusuf and Manahil Fatima Conceptual Model for Unveiling the Causes of Inflation using Feedback Loops 306-321

Dr. Shams Ur Rahman, Mr. Jawad Kabir, Mr. Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Dr. Afef Khalil Afraseyab Khattak Factor Affecting Perceived Benefits from Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Textile Sectors of Pakistan 322-332

Assist. Prof. Saumyabrata Nath Dr. Manisha Choudhary Dr. Sonali N. Tholia Miss Gayatri R. Pillai The Study on the Emerging Trends of Social Media as a Platform for Retail Marketing with Reference to Flipkart in Mumbai City - India 333-345

Chikezie Kalu, Olani Bekele, Simeon Ebhota Innovative Data Driven Analysis of Water Management for Effective Agricultural Practices 346-390

Novriest Umbu Walangara Nau, Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Kristena Esther Angkow, Vicky Joshua Contending the Border Interest and the Protection of Human Rights: Analysis of the European Union Role to the Migrants Crisis Issues at the Turkey Greece- Border in 2020 391-411

Hasan Basri Tarmizi, Azhar Maksum, Iskandar Muda , Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Gustiandi, Muhammad Hirzi Why is it Control and Auditability so Important in Today’s Virtual Environment? 412-418

Iskandar Muda , Erlina, Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere , Siti Arla Anita Suheri Hasibuan, Karina MaharaniThe Situation and the Problem with Computerrelated Crimes 419-425

Mutia Ismail, Ibnu Austrindanney Sina Azhar , Iskandar Muda , Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere , Andre Giovanni Febru Tamba, Verchiana Isnata The Top Ten Reasons for the Start Up of IT Auditing? 426-433

Azhar Maksum, Ibnu Austrindanney Sina Azhar, Iskandar Muda, Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere , Nifta Salsabilla, Tiara Surahva Role of Asynchronous Transfer Method (ATM) on Corporate 434-441

Divyaranjani, Madan Mohan.S A Study on the Production and Export of Mangoes From India 442-466

Assist. Prof. Divyaranjani, B.Krishnaveni Perception and Attitude of Employees Related to Training and Development in Bright Auto Plast Pvt Ltd, Chennai 467-491

Assist. Prof. Mrs. R.Divyaranjani & Mr.Sreerag R.G A Study and Analysis of Factors Affecting Chennai Port Operations 492-508

Prof. Dr.D.Rajasekar, Dr.S.R.Deepa An Empirical study on passenger’s perception to fly before and during Covid-19 pandemic – with respect to Chennai Airport 509-517

Dr. A. Shameem & Mohammed Ismail P. Influence of knowledge sharing in social capital dimensions 518-524

Lecturer, Dr. Asiye Yüksel & Lecturer, Dr. Barış Demir İnovasyona Yeni Arayışlar: İnovatif ve Matematiksel Okuryazarlık/ New Searches for Innovation: Innovative and Mathematical Literacy 525-539

Kadir Gökoğlan & Nazan Güngör Karyağdı A Study on Auditors; Perceptions of the Added Value of Independent Auditing 540-550

Kadir Gökoğlan & Nazan Güngör Karyağdı The Role of Accounting Professionals in Creating Internal Control 551-573

İpeksu Sözüpek & Assoc. Prof. Derya Girgin Üniversite Öğrencilerinin Covid-19 Pandemi Sürecinde Yapmış Oldukları Sosyal ve Etkin Aktivitelerin Belirlenmesi 574-596

Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Ümit Şevik Zorunlu Örgütsel Vatandaşlık Davranışının İş-Aile Çatışması Üzerindeki Etkisinde Aile Dostu İş Programlarının Aracı Rolü 597-609

Dr. A. Shameem CSR initiatives influencing corporate image 610-618

Hilal Dilan Bayram & Assoc. Prof. Derya Girgin Değişen ve Gelişen Küresel Yaklaşımlar Odağında Eğitim – Öğretim Platformunun Oluşturulması 619-659

Jahirul Islam & Md. Harun Rashid Cultural Hegemony of Indian Subcontinent is Barrier for Women’s Emancipation: an Analysis of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things and Monika Ali’s Brick Lane 660-673

Emil Raul oğlu Ağayev Triptych "Dedication to Agdam" in the Works of Arif Huseynov (In the Context of Iconographic Analysis) 674-680

Gül Gümüş Meslek Lisesi Öğrencilerinin Kariyer Seçimlerindeki Dış Faktörler/External Factors in Career Choices of Vocational High School Students 681-689

Aynura Valiyeva & Thomas Basil John Successful organizational business communication and its impact on business performance: An intra and inter organizational perspective 690-715 Ergün Yurtbakan & Durmuş Ekiz Reflective Diaries of a Primary School Teacher on Reading Difficulty of a Student with Mild Intellectual Disabled, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder/ Bir İlkokul Öğretmeninin Hafif Zihin Engelli, Dikkat Eksikliği ve Hiperaktivite Bozukluğu Olan Bir Öğrencinin Okuma Güçlüğü Üzerine Yansıtıcı Günlükleri 716-738


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