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Ph.D. Vicente Humberto Monteverde

University of Moron-Argentina

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Monteverde, V. H. (2022). Corruption and its Impact on the Economy. İstanbul, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.


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"Man loves his chains"

Phrase of a sage from India-Sri Aurobindo

The corsairs were private sailors. Who were hired and served in private ships, with a license to attack ships from an enemy country. Corruption can often be a practice of systematic looting or banditry, as ancient as crime itself and older than piracy., as crime itself and older than piracy.

The corrupt steal the disposable income from various sectors , and society becomes a slave to these practices, since this corruptive activity becomes common, like life itself, following the example of the meaning of words, bribery, means bribery, in Spanish it becomes a rascal, a person who cheats or steals, this play on words shows us that in addition to piracy (pirate fishing in Thailand, Somali pirates, etc.), it is repealed today. In analogy, corruption assumes its role, through the performance of its networks, as a game of rascals, people who associate in groups to obtain benefits, from the private sector, public or political, through the practice of acts of corruption.

As we will see in the following chapters, sometimes the intentions are not economic, some acts of corruption, are produced by avoiding rules, jump regulations, and / or circumvent regulations, but what is important and majestic, is the convergence towards an "art of corruption "that society observes and supports daily.

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