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Female Criminality

Female Criminality


Assoc. Prof. Rumeysa AKGUN

Published by      : Global Academy

ISBN Number     : 978-625-8284-92-8

Publishing Date    : December 28,2023

Certificate No       : 64419

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Female Criminality
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Akgün, R. (2023). Female Criminality. Ankara: Global Academy Publishing House.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, retrieved, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the Global Academy Publishing House. Any person who commits any unauthorized act in relation to this publication may be liable for criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. This book has been double-blind peer-reviewed. The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors.

©Copyright December, 2023


Research and studies on female criminality began in relatively recent times in the field of criminology. This book is written to examine the information in the field of female criminality in more detail and to examine the relationship between criminology and female criminality. In addition, the book provides a general overview of female criminality in the world and Türkiye within the framework of the information provided to us by group studies in penal institutions, various research, and official statistics. Female criminality is examined in terms of gender and crime, feminist criminology theories, and other studies in the field.

Assoc. Prof. Rumeysa AKGUN

December, 2023


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