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The International Congress of Educational Sciences and Linguists (ICEL 2022) Proceedings Book


Prof. Dr. Emilia ALAVERDOV

ISBN: 978-625-8284-26-3

Publishing Date: 07.12.2022

All rights of this book belong to Global Academy Publishing House. No part of this publication

may be reproduced, stored, retrieved system, ortransmitted, in any form or by any means,

without the written permission of the Global Academy Publishing House. Norbe otherwise

circulated in any form of binding or cover.

©Copyright December, 2022

Certificate No: 64419 Global Academy Publishing House

The individual essays remain the intellectual properties of the contributors. All papers

published in this proceedings book have been peer reviewed.

Marco I BONELLI Bloomberg Terminals as a Learning Tool for Business Students: applications and discussion 1-20

Lec. Dr. Dr. Eren ALKAN Relationshıp between Language and Meaning: “Leda and the Swan” by William Butler Yeats 21-25

Imron Wakhid HARITS Teaching Literary Tourism to promote Madura Island as Halal Tourist Destination 26-37

Musa KAYA & Osman DEMIREL Geographical and Cultural Effects on Teaching Turkish As A Foreign Language: The Case of Asian And Pacific Countries 38-49

Yusuf KALINKARA & Oğuzhan OZDEMIR Metaverse as a Learning Tool: Sample Applications 50-56

Md. Harun RASHID & Wei LI Discuss Various Writing Techniques in order to Find Solutions to its Problems 57-61

Ulkar MAHMUDOVA Ecological Results of Creation of Average Kura Cascade and Other Reservoirs 62-66

Hikmat HASANOV & Ismayil ZEYNALOV Using Low-Orbit Satellites as the Main Resource for Creating a Recreational Industry on a Regional and Global Scale (On Example of Azerbaijan) 67-71

Tommy Cristovel TANGKEY, Putri HERGIANASARI & Richard G. MAYOPU Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy in an Effort to Attract International Tourists in the Era of the Covid19 Pandemic in 2019-2021 in the Province of Bali 72-87

Dr. A. SHAMEEM & Anna JOB Fintech and Technological Disruption and Transformation of Insurance Sector 88-97

Dr. R. SRINIVASAN & N. R. Mohan RAGAVENDRA A Analysis of the Reverse Logistics System 98-102

Ergün YURTBAKAN Metaphoric Perceptions of Primary School Students on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills 103-123

Md. Harun RASHID & Wei LI Propose Inventive Stimulus Materials to Dealing the Challenges 124-129

Dr. Suci SURYANI Batik Entrepreneurs: a Gender Study of Madurase Women against its Local Tradition 130-146

R. DIVYARANJANI, Dr. Sandeep Kumar GUPTA & Mr. Dolan RAJKUMAR A Comparative Study on the Performance of Indian Ports that Handle Bulk Cargo 147-168


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