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PEDAGOGUES TO THE COMMUNITY                                                                                               13      
Prof. Dr. Anna MELNIKOVA    

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Melnikova, A. (2023). Chapter 1 Service-Learning as a Practical  Introduction of Undergraduate   Pedagogues to the Community. In Í. M. Dantas (Ed.), Art, Design, Communication and Fashion:  An Interdisciplinary Approach (pp. 13-25). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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The service-learning (S-L) pedagogical methodology aims to prepare pre-service teachers while they serve the community addressing the needs identified previously. S-L differs from volunteerism and internship. Here, we describe the process of implementation of S-L at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Granada. The project consisted of seven phases: 1) Identification and definition of one of the needs of the neighborhood/community; 2) Setting of goals; 3) Planning; 4) implementation of the plan; 5) Intermediate evaluation and re-planning; 6) Introduction of modifications; 7) Final evaluation. Finally, the students were asked to discuss the experience. The main goal of the project was to present forms of participation in the musical community of the neighborhood as healthy and sustainable leisure activities for vulnerable and at-risk children (users) and their families (beneficiaries). Changes in pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards at-risk children, as well as changes in participants’ willingness to study music, were examined. A switch towards more kind and caring attitudes was detected. Its implication for strengthening community ties is discussed below.

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