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CHAPTER 4- DIAGNOSIS OF CURRICULUM SKILLS IN FASHION, CLOTHING, AND TEXTILE BY GRADUATES IN FASHION DESIGN                                                                                                                                                      89                                                                                                  

Assoc. Prof. Lívia Juliana Silva SOLINO

Assoc. Prof. Ítalo José de Medeiros DANTAS

Assoc. Prof. Aline Gabriel FREIRE

Marcos Daniel da Silva OLIVEIRA

Emmanuele VITO

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Solino, L.J.S., Dantas, Í.J.M., Freire, A.G., Oliveira, M.D.S., Vito, E. (2023). Chapter 4 Diagnosis of Curriculum Skills In Fashion, Clothing, And Textile By Graduates In Fashion Design. In Í. M. Dantas (Ed.), Art, Design, Communication and Fashion:  An Interdisciplinary Approach (pp. 89-102). Ankara, Türkiye: Global Academy Publishing House.

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The holistic knowledge of the design process in Fashion Design is one of the core skills for any graduate in the field. In this way, we understood that the student in Fashion Design must have theoretical and practical mastery of the contents. They ranged from textile fibers, passing through sewing stitches until reaching the commercialization process at the retail point of sale. This paper aims to diagnose the curricular knowledge of Fashion Design graduates at the Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) – Caicó campus. Methodologically, it is applied research with a descriptive objective and a quantitative and qualitative approach. Regarding technical procedures, through a questionnaire in person, we surveyed 11 graduating students in the last period of the course about the contents seen in the pedagogical project of the higher education course in Technology in Fashion Design at IFRN/ Here. We decided to apply the 2018 version of the Technology in Fashion Design group’s National Student Performance Examination (ENADE) for the questions raised. Therefore, we identified a difficulty in practical subjects directly influenced by the pandemic period and remote teaching.

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