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Don't say "don't talk"!

Your speech also reflects your personality. The listener makes a connection between the title in front of the speaker's name and the words that come out of his mouth, deduces a meaning from it, and as a result, sticks a label on the speaker.
Of course, he doesn't just look at word of mouth. At the same time, attention is paid to what the body is saying. Your posture, the way you look, the way you use your voice tells a lot about you to people who listen and watch you.

Politicians, administrators, bureaucrats, teachers, clergy, academics, marketers, etc. Professionals are among the people who need to speak in front of the community. The use of lectern/stage is common when addressing the community. Speaking on the podium/stage, on the other hand, there are rules. Posture, gaze, eye contact, voice and microphone use, clothing selection, etc. Topics are extremely important.

Some people, aware of this importance, are frightened. If you, like many people, are afraid of speaking in front of a crowd, you can overcome that fear with our Public Speaking tutorials.

Who Should Attend the Training Program?

Individuals in professional business life,
administrators, teachers, civil servants,
politicians, bureaucrats,
Those who want to learn the basics of speaking Turkish correctly and effectively and are interested in this field.

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